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Monday, 5 March 2012


There is a bit of illness in the Scobi household, with both LO and Maggot 1 sick.  LO needs to complete her course assignment by the end of the week so is soldiering on in her dressing gown, although she is not looking so hot.  Maggot 1 is virus-ill (that ill-defined thing that has a bit of this and a bit of that, but nothing you could hang your hat on) and on the sofa not eating much (a sure sign of proper illness).

I was therefore drafted in to the school run, and a more shambolic start to the week I can barely contemplate.  I have a bunch of conference calls and some things I need to do and some people to which I need to speak; in other words, a normal working day, and am savouring the well-planned if slightly monotonous rhythm of that working day.

We had a great weekend.  LO spent most of the daytime hours on her college work, which fitted well with the boys' plans, which included Maggot 2 swimming lesson Saturday morning, and a four hour football tournament in the afternoon for Maggot 1.  Myself and Maggot 2 stayed to watch and to kick footballs whenever possible, and it was a pretty good afternoon.  To ensure no parent-related incidents*, the cub packs were all mixed up, and the team for which Maggot 1 played goalie came a creditable third.  To be honest, and this is not the rose-tinted glasses of a parent, but he really made a difference on the one game he played outfield, however he prefers goalie, and did a pretty good job playing that position as well, even saving a penalty in the penultimate game.

Saturday evening LO and I went to a party for a friend who lives round the corner who was celebrating her fiftieth birthday.  She is the parent of one of Maggot 1's class mates and so probably a tier 3** friend overall, but they are very friendly and we usually play on the same quiz team at the Kingsham quiz and we had invited her to a music quiz evening chez Scobi on exactly the same day.  In a nutshell, we got an invite, as did A&E, who dropped by for a quick drink before we all four left for the party.  The theme was "hippy" and I would say overall the turnout was excellent, although the interpretation was broad, and I would say would more accurately have been described as "late-sixties to mid-seventies" since there were a number of white high-heeled boots with short dresses, as well as a bunch of outfits which one might guess had been pulled from the back of a wardrobe having not been worn for forty years.

It was a lovely party, the hosts were very host-like and the food was great and their house is a lovely warm and inviting place.  LO had her mental notepad out, jotting down "ideas for my fortieth", which may include a Yurt in the back garden.

Sunday was fairly relaxed, with a monster game of Monopoly in the afternoon.  "Who won?" I hear you cry, but a chap is too modest to comment that he absolutely completely and utterly wiped the floor with his sad loser family, and they were all left homeless and penniless and begging for one Monopoly Dollar to buy a cup of tea.

On that high note of family accord, may I wish you a great week, and speak again soon.

* In previous years, I am reliably informed, there have been numerous "ugly incidents" with parents getting over enthusiastic about their little darling's input or treatment at the hands of others.  Nuff said.

** Just in case you find me callous or something worse, I just made this up on the spot as it kind of paints a picture.  I don't want you thinking I tier my friends or anything, coz that would just be a process too far, and that is from a person who works for a company whose motto is "No process too small, no process too far".

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