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Thursday, 1 March 2012


That is how the week is panning out.
I had fun at tennis last night, and definitely took out a bad day on the little yellow balls, and were it not for the very high fence I suspect we would have been down a dozen of balls or so, but boy oh boy did I get my frustrations out.

My top spin is to die for, and in terms of points won, death was probably too good for my game.  Nevertheless it is a fun group and we play a lot of tennis and get some good coaching, so long may it continue.  Last night we covered how to "neutralise" our opponent, which is basically to keep them playing their shots behind the baseline, and then starting to move them around the court so that they are put under pressure.  At the point that they play a short shot, we move in for a transition shot, to put them under further pressure with a view to moving to the net to smash them in to oblivion.  It is fair to say that I approached the final stage of this like a Red Setter chasing a deer.

I also watched the England game, and enjoyed going down two-nil, but then gallantly coming back to two-all, only to be robbed of a point in the ninety-third minute.  Damn those Dutch and their infernal left feet.  Overall it was a good game, and there were positives to take away, as well as negatives around "naive defending", a fact with which everyone, including the stand-in manager, agreed.

On the subject of Stuart Pearce, the boy done good.

There was a bit too much
Stuart Pearce-England cropped

and not enough

and on occasions maybe there should have been a little bit of

He even, according to Maggot 1, looks a bit like 'Arry, but I can't see it myself.

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