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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

What is there to say about Tuesday

I am sad to report that the title, that felt was nice and original, has been used before.  Oh well, there is not much that is new in the world*.
Today we have the boiler engineer back for the fixing of the pump and various seals.  Hopefully the end game will be hot water when we want it, and a boiler that has passed muster with the engineers.  We have had to cut away a bit of the boxing in, which has upset us both, but definitely LO much more than me.  There is also the prospect that if some other types of repairs are needed, that require access to the "isolation valves", then we will need to cut away the boxing in sufficiently for them to get a screwdriver in the back.  I plan to remember this, and expect to have to do it if we are ever to need another repair.

The only other news is that I have been having intermittent broadband problems.  I am slightly worried that it was caused by the dodgy wiring in the house, and it may yet come to that, but at the moment I have regular drop-outs, and having just rung O2, they have confirmed that we have had multiple drop-outs and that they need to "do some tests".  This will likely take out the line from time to time, over a period of 24 hours, so we are planning to do it at the weekend.

Have a good week, and speak soon.

* as the sound engineer in the Camden Falcon told us, there had been "... nothing new in music since Bowie in 'seventy-six".

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