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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Bit of a Blur

I caught the end of the Brits, recorded on the PVR.

I saw the bit where Adele was foreclosed on her speech by James Cordan, which seems to have created a bit of a storm, presumably amongst those who are tiring of Jeremy Kyle repeats on Channel wotsit plus one (hey, this is the same I was watching an hour ago).  Poor dear, so much to say, so little time to say it.  The trouble with speeches, in my humble view, is that the only people who are interested in hearing the list of thanks are the people giving the thanks and those receiving it.  Although, based on observation, it is entirely possible that those receiving thanks were in fact so off their faces they could hear pretty much nothing but the little voice in their heads telling them it would be so cool to try and stick their tadger in the top of a beer bottle.  It is just a guess, but I am thinking many of them could actually do it to, if you know what I mean.

The finale was, I think*, Blur doing a quarter hour of their hits.  Now, anyone who went through the Brit Wars**, where Blur were pitted against Oasis, will agree that some people prefer Blur, and some Oasis.  My preference is Blur.  I preferred their image and music, which I found much more creative than the Gallagher brothers could muster.  As it was the single from Blur that got the number one spot,  maybe on that day and in that moment, I was in the majority, but I expect that in the round, I was not.  Regardless of that, they were part of my musical landscape at the time, and definitely framed some of the moments and memories I have of the era.

Therefore, I was quite happy to watch them ply their trade.  LO did comment that "there is always one that lets themselves go", referring as she was to the drummer, who was always meant to be the funniest guy in the band, if not the coolest.  Whether or not they deserved their award is a matter of personal taste, and I shall leave you to yours, music being art and art being subjective and all that.

Only other small news is that Maggot 2 is still home ill.  He has just had one of his "funnies", which is a combination of an awake nightmare and a hallucination, likely brought on from overheating as part of the fever.  We are getting more used to them now, and get the duvet off him and the cold flannel on his forehead soon as, but even despite some experience of the funnies, they are still just a little bit disturbing.  He can come out will all sorts of mad stuff that can really freak you out if you are not careful.  He is OK now, having had a bit more medicine and has asked for a glass of milk.  Only three and a half hours until LO is home.

* I say "think" because it overran, presumably because of the speeches, so the recording cut short.
** As reported on the BBC: "At the peak of the 'Britpop' years, Blur and Oasis' respective labels decided that as a big marketing stunt they would release their new singles on the same day. This created a huge head to head battle between the two bands. The resulting news coverage turned this event into a bitter class war between the Northern working class Oasis and the Southern middle class Blur. Damon Albarn ended up being interviewed on the Ten O'clock news. In the end Blur's "Country House" won over Oasis' "Roll with it", though neither were the strongest offerings from each of the albums.

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