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Friday, 10 February 2012

And . . . relax

A busy Friday with 4 hours of conference calls, the Death Eaters of the modern age, and a desire to finish early to head on down to Lymington, because folks, we are off 'vannin' this weekend.

Regular readers will be very familiar with my dabblings in this dark art, but for those less familiar, yes, it is true, I am not as cool as you thought I was*.  The weather is keeping us guessing, having had around an inch or two of snow in these parts (I know, snow, in the South, what is the world coming to) but it seems to be already melting, and the forecast for tomorrow is sunny and Sunday white cloud, so it is likely to be all systems go, with the usual last minute kerfuffle finding gloves, notepads, pocket money or some other essential item from the Maggots and a bit of overall adult stress sprinkled on for good measure.  All will be well when the big white box is on the back and we are heading out along the A27 to the Forest, and there is even the odds on chance that there will still be a bit of light when we arrive so we can get the 'van unpacked, the little porch awning erected, everything connected and the first beer being opened.  Once you hear the pfft of the ring pull you begin to believe that all is right with the world.  The fact that I also have Monday and Tuesday off next week will just add to that general sense of well-being, and to be honest I need a couple of days off the merry-go-round just to regain some peace and sanity.

I hope your weekend is as good as mine is sure to be, and speak again on Wednesday.

* and that was not so cool to start with, so in to minus cool now. Ed. 

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