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Friday, 24 February 2012

And . . . relax

And now, the time is near, and we find ourselves at Friday.  Hurray for that.

As you know, I have been running a highly scientific experiment to see whether a shorter week makes the getting to Friday any the quicker, and this week's data has been added to the data from previous weeks, and some clever jiggery pokery has been done to the dataset, most of which I don't really understand.  I find that keeping quiet and stroking your chin a bit tends to give a chap a certain knowing air.  Less is more and all that, something I think Jordan could probably have heeded.
Anyhow, this was a five day week.  It had been planned as a four day week, however Maggot 2's illness put a halt to us both attending the school trip to a local attraction, so the week was five days long and the feeling on Friday was just the same as when it was three days long.  So that proves it then.

On the subject of Maggot 2, I think if truth be told, he was not so worried about missing the school trip.  It was to a local outdoor centre that has a number of old buildings, from early middle ages onwards, and as part of the theme, the kids were asked to dress up in Victorian costumes.  Truth be told, Maggot 2 is not so keen on dressing up, in public at least.  Either doing it of watching other people doing it tends to bring the same response "weirdos".  Now, if you were in a beautiful country village on a sunny summer's day and some strange fellows with stick and bells on their shoes were to start dancing, I think most of us would be with Maggot 2, however in general the tolerance for such things is much greater in the populous than it is for Maggot 2.

This Sunday we are hosting a family do, to say thank you to all the uncles who helped build our extension.  This will be an interesting affair, not least because the brothers are all so very different and, truth be told, do not often get together in one place, except maybe to go watch Pompey at Fratton Park.  So we can expect a few "family moments" but hopefully also some fun, some drinking, some eating and, if I can time it right, a little postprandial kip to boot.

Before I go, I saw this quote and smiled:

  • "Formula for success: rise early, work hard, strike oil." J. Paul Getty
I guess winning the lottery could swap with striking oil, and on that note, I hope you have a successful weekend, and if you don't hear from me again, well I did warn you; I am probably on some deserted island somewhere warm, and beyond the reception area of my phone.

Have a good weekend.

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