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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

I'm Back

Just a quick not to say I am back.  We had a lovely weekend away in The Forest in the 'van.  For those who are not convinced, I suspect that knowing it is minus seven degrees on the first night, and probably minus three on the second, is not improving your view on the big white box.  All I can say is that a t-shirt and an extra blanket sorted that out, and the weather really did not impact us at all.  Oh, of course the water did freeze up, so we had no running water in the 'van, but even that did not dampen spirits.  Saturday was a beautiful sunny day and was about as perfect a winter's day as you could want or expect.  We spent the first half of the day wandering round Lymington, a town we all love, and the afternoon was spent having a little kip then going swimming down the road at the sister site.

Maggot 2 official declared Lytton Lawns, the site we visited, as his favourite site in the world ever, and to be honest I love the fact that he loves it, coz then everyone is getting a lot out of the break.

On other news, the two days off has enabled us to visit Ikea, and Maggot 1 has a new mirror and pin board, and Maggot 2 has a new mirror.  We also have a new mirror* for the downstairs shower room, which is now nearing completion.  All there is to do to complete the work is to seal the grouting, fit the shower door (yet to be purchased) and finish the sealing around the bottom of the tiles.  Oh, and to fit the shower of course.  Father-in-law was all for coming down today to do that - lots of work growing, window of opportunity etc etc - but without the grout sealed, and acting like a possessive and over-protective parent, I was not keen for nasty wet, and possibly dirty, water near my as yet un-sealed grout.  Some discussions were had and the fitting has been put off for another day.  Phew.

I am now back to work, and there are 75 emails in my inbox.  How does that happen?  I get about double that when I have two weeks off, which must mean with a big holiday, people stop emailing you.

* Are you sensing a "new mirror" theme going on here?

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