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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Can't stop....

I am on my third day in a row at the office, and I have to say that any lingering vestiges of want I have to be out of the house have long since evaporated.  To be precise, since the heating at the office is not coping well with the cold snap, the want is being freeze-dried out of me, which every coffee magnate worth his salt knows is the best way.

On other news, there is no other news.  I was tickled by the winner of this year's joke of the year competition, won by Tim Vine, brother of Jeremy.  The joke was:

  • - now that's a site for sore eyes.

He apparently won last year as well, with:

  • Crime in multi-story car parks - that is wrong on so many levels.

Both made me smile, and on a weak sunny winter's drive in the office, a bit of smiling does you no harm at all.  In fact it tends to make people wonder what you are up to.

Oh, and I went to Rusty Rackets last night, a tennis session at the Goodwood Hotel (where we were married incidentally), a session that E told me about and was happy to seek my acceptance in to the group.  It was fantastic.  People of a similar-ish age to me and a similar-ish level to me.  I had a fantastic time, and hope to play every week.  The backhand is a bit rusty, actually it is a bit rubbish right now, but that gives me something on which I can work, and hopefully the fitness, which is about zero, will also improve.  If I can get an extra notch on my belt, then that is the icing on the cake - or the seed sprinkles on the cereal at least.

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