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Monday, 20 February 2012

Is it Monday already

I have now completed my scientific study, submitted it for peer review and published in Nonsense Monthly, so am now in a position to share with you my learning.  Did you know that even if you only have a three-day working week, the weekend does not feel any longer, nor does it, by some kind of weird crease in the space/time continuum, last any longer.

This means that I find myself at Monday again, as quickly as normal.  Unusually, I am in the office today.  A basic lack of planning meant that I awoke early assuming I needed to be at the customer's office by 9.30am, however when I actually checked, it was 12.30pm.  I therefore am now sitting at a Starfleet office with a plan to go up North to the customer office at 11.30am.  This was before I checked whether a key colleague was able to attend, he having been off for a week last week.  It seems that he only checked his mail this morning from his home office, and is therefore not willing or able, sometimes hard to tell which with folks, to travel on his first day back.  I have therefore also cancelled the meeting, so am now looking to finish the morning's calls, get a coffee, and return to my home office, via the garage to get my car fixed*.  This means that a quick trip to the caravan shop would also be prudent, to get some more of those moisture crystals you put in cheap dehumidifier devices, and also to get some silicon spray for our main extension door.

We had a good weekend.  Maggot 1 had a sleepover Friday night which meant he was as grumpy as we usually are the morning after a sleepover, and much glee was derived from the "now you know how we feel when you want to go roller-skating on a Sunday when all we want to do is lie on the sofa" comments.

We did manage a nice walk up the Downs on Sunday lunchtime, one which both Maggots had dismissed as "rubbish", but a walk they ultimately thought was fantastic.  It was a lovely, sunny clear day and the view down to the sea was fantastic, taking in our home town and several neighbours, including in the far distance the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth.  Having blown the cobwebs off, we returned to lunch and a lot of sitting around.
Mid-afternoon the doorbell rang, and it was our neighbour.  The day before, the Maggots had gone and politely knocked on her door to ask if she could throw over the footballs that had landed in her garden, and she said she would be happy to do so the next time she was out there. Within an hour or so all 3 had been thrown back in to our garden.
Anyhow, on the Sunday afternoon, as I opened the door to her, she said that she needed "to have a chat about the footballs".  "Your boys came round yesterday to ask if I could throw them back", she said.  "Yes", I replied.  "Well, they have then gone in to my garden to get the balls themselves, which is not acceptable".  "I agree, although I would be quite surprised if they have", I responded.  A quick check with the Maggots confirmed that they had indeed not been round there to get them.  "That's funny", she pondered, "someone else has obviously gone in there to throw them back".  "Didn't your dad come round yesterday", I questioned.  "Oh yes, he did", she replied.  Many apologies from her, and a slight smug feeling from us, concluded the interaction.  LO was slightly livid with the whole affair.  "How dare she accuse us.  At least she got her come-uppance when you mentioned her dad".  That kind of thing.  I have to say, it was quite amusing.
Anyhow, this spurred us in to moving the trampoline to her side of the garden, and moving the football goal in to the centre of the garden, to try and minimise any future balls in gardens incidents.  The act of doing that required me to cut the grass where the trampoline had been, and while I was at it I did the who lawn.  This now means that where once she had footballs, she now has bouncing Maggots getting fleeting glimpses of her garden and all that goes on within it.  Oh well, you win some, you lose some.

* I have said "car fixed" to make it seem viable that I should need to visit the garage.  It is actually just the left dipped bulb that has gone, but such is both my skill level and interest in such things, it may as well be the big end that needs replacing, if indeed that is a part of a car, and not some sexual deviancy that I have yet to find on Google.

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